Mind the gap!

Mind the gap!

As a customer, almost all of us have experienced “the gap” in a supplier’s service. In the worst cases, we look for some recompense or seek to change our supplier altogether. It consumes our time and energy – when it needn’t have been that way.

So what are the implications of “the gap” for your business?

It might be we have experienced the boiler engineer who wasn’t fully informed of the issue and didn’t bring a particular part. Or waiting in all day for an installation engineer or an urgent delivery and no one turns up. Or arriving at a hotel and your room is not as advertised, or the reservation is not listed and the hotel is full.

Imagine that multiplied many times over, day in day out and the negative impact it has on you as a customer and on the supplier in terms of wasted time, additional costs, disappointment and frustration.

Take this thought into a business for a moment. Inside every business there people and processes which deliver internal services which lead to the outcome of a delivery of a product or service to an external end customer.

What happens if every internal service and process is not in harmony with the next one? If you as an internal customer don’t receive the service on an efficient, effective and timely basis, then you cannot deliver your own processes to others in an optimal way either. The whole value adding chain of events which leads to sales, income and profits is not what it might be.

If the “gaps” are large, frequent OR fundamental then a major problem could be growing. The effect will manifest in lost productivity, additional costs, staff morale issues, upset customers and missed sales opportunities.

Bottlenecks, delays, stress and lack of cash are some of the symptoms that the business needs to “mind the gap”.

Are you happy that everything in your business is joined up, working optimally, balanced between the component people and processes and in harmony so that it works optimally to generate the maximum return for you?

If you have any of the symptoms of the “gap” and would like help to solve the underlying causes in a measured, effective and timely way, please give us a call on 01235 838543 for a free, no obligation, initial consultation.


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