Is there a black hole in your business?

Is there a black hole in your business?

It distorts everything around it, pulls everything towards it and beyond a certain point it is impossible to escape from it.

They are a reality of the universe – and business life. They are not theoretical – they exist.

Does this sound like any projects that you have come across in your business?

There are tasks which gain such a critical mass that they generate an uncontrolled life of their own and consume anything that gets too close. They may go by other identities such as unrealistic schemes, failing ventures or pet projects.

What they have in common is that they start out as a bright idea and end up being highly destructive. For various reasons such as internal politics, not sure it’s not working, we are almost there, and so on, it becomes difficult to end them. No one dares make the bold and brash decision to kill them before they get out of control.

With all initiatives, but especially those which are large – in terms of opportunity, importance, cost or resources required – defining at the outset what the critical decisions are and the go/no-go break point is essentially to stopping a runaway situation.

Every business which is trying new approaches to how it operates or developing new products or services will have ‘bright stars’ which could turn into ‘super-novas’ if the fundamental assumptions don’t bear fruit in reality. Business is, in part, an experiment with opportunity.

Identify when to pull the kill switch at the start to avoid the drip, drip, drip of “one more go” or “one more month” or “just a little more money and people” which prolongs the drain on the rest of the business. And past the event horizon, there is no return.

If you would like help ensuring the success of your projects, new ventures or changes within your business don’t turn into destructive drains, please give us a call on 01235 838543 for a free, no obligation, initial consultation.


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