Have you set the rules of your game?

Have you set the rules of your game?

After the excellent 6 nations rugby culminating with a nail-biting Super Saturday on 21 March, it reminded us of the importance of knowing the rules that we play by and having them upfront in all that we do.

Have you set out the rules that you play by? Do you have them in an easily accessible format for everyone to know and operate to?

When asked to explain rugby, I created this ode as an aide memoire:

“The rules of the game”



A caution call

The rolling maul

Scrum down


Watch the blindside

Now “all onside”

An interception

Missed conversion…

Play the advantage!”

– Strategic FD

The importance of understanding the rules by which a business operates is just as important to ensure optimal performance. Your business framework comprises your vision, mission, value propositions, key goals, major strategies, ethos and values.

As with rugby, the business framework must both be clearly established AND communicated to all players and trained in to ensure achieving the results sought.  Your team of staff, consultants and suppliers need to operate to the rules set for them – otherwise they may fill the gap and be playing by other rules and moves – which will not yield the desired outcomes.

Once your “rules of the game” have been established and communicated have you created your own “poetry” to help live and breathe them every day?

If you would like help with a straight forward way for setting and keeping to the rules that you want your business to operate to, please give us a call on 01235 838543, or email:

anthony.clayden@strategicfd.co.uk">anthony.clayden@strategicfd.co.uk, for a free, no obligation, initial consultation.


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